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by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins offers a revolutionary step-by-step program of exercises, practices, and techniques that enable any one — regardless of age, disposition, attitude or aptitude — to quickly and effectively call upon his or her body’s energy for optimal health and healing. This includes speeding recovery from a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional ailments.

by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui is the basic text used in Pranic Healing classes all over the US. These techniques are now being used by over 100 doctors in hospitals. Anyone can learn to heal, it only takes the willingness to do so. By working with the energy systems that surround the body, the pranic practitioner learns to identify disease energy and removes it with visualization and hand motions. Using the same techniques, the practitioner then replaces it with life force energy that helps the body return to balance and heal itself.

Pranic Healing

pranic healing

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Amazing Oils and Healing Energy Products

Golden Aromatherapy’s mission is to help improve life through the use of essential oils. The aroma from flower and plant oils can help people emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in their relationships by the science of vibration. These products of nature are real gifts from God to humanity.

Therapeutic Gems

“The Earth’s gems play a surprisingly central role in how color functions, not only in the mineral kingdom but in life itself. This role has far-reaching implications for the healing arts, therapy, and energy medicine. Indeed, the subject of color healing is such a significant part of gemstone energy medicine that it deserves several books of its own.

Color rays are the most fundamental building blocks of all living things. Just as visible light is comprised of the seven colors of the rainbow, so is the life force – the force that enlivens, sustains, and nourishes everything that lives. We human beings are manifestations of this vital force. Thus, at the deepest level we too are made up of spectrums of these seven color rays.

Each color ray has a specific purpose, and all seven color rays are essential for life. Being continually supplied with and nourished by a proper balance of color rays is essential to every aspect of health. In an optimally healthy person, all seven colors are present in balance. Any deviation from that balance moves a person away from ideal health and an optimal expression of life – and will ultimately lead to disease and disharmony.

Certain special gemstones can help us correct such color-ray imbalances and begin to help us heal and grow in the deepest way possible. “ –

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