The Divine Hearts Mandala Collection

July 1, 2011


Welcome to a new era of spiritual art that creates blessings for all aspects of your life!

Mandalas are powerful pieces of art that have been treasured around the world by various cultures and religions for centuries.  Traditionally used as spiritual symbols and to tell spiritual stories, modern Mandalas today can act as vehicles to anchor and deliver blessings to their owners when properly blessed and consecrated.

The Divine Hearts Mandala Collection is a one-of-a-kind collection that was inspired after I prayed for a universal design that would bless any faith and really act as a “Window to Heaven” for anyone who owns it.

I originally created the first piece in this collection — Divine Marriage Mandala–as a design to bless marriages and families.  As I was painting this, I began seeing the all-white design as also serving many other blessings that were needed.  The same basic design became a multi-faceted and variable design when different colors and crystals were used, creating a completely different blessing with a unique purpose through each color theme.

Each Mandala in this collection is GUARANTEED to bless you!


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