Reverend Zorena

Ever since “Zoe” (now known as “Zorena”) was a little girl – she loved putting her hands on someone to help them smile and feel better.

Zorena was born at Santa Monica Hospital in Santa Monica and grew up in Malibu. She studied Russian ballet for 8 years and also worked hard taking care of her horses; enjoying Western and English riding/jumping techniques. She loved tending and healing the sprains her horses sometimes had after strenuous training sessions. In 1982, Zorena was Ordained as a Minister, when she was 16 yrs old. At the time- she wanted to be a Missionary in Japan and other areas, internationally.

“Zoe” was a straight A student, always on the honor rolls and accelerated classes; winning National and Local Awards throughout her education. Her devotion to excellence was her trademark and she continues this ethic with ongoing post-graduate work.

Esthetics and Sports Nutrition

She studied Esthetics (European Spa Techniques, Massage and Clinical Aromatherapy) and has been Licensed in California since 1987. She continued her training with the highly regarded “International Dermal Institute” and also worked for the famous dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad (founder of the “Murad” skin and body care line as seen in national magazines and TV infomercials).

Later in her career- she owned and operated a Sports Nutrition Store that catered to famous bodybuilders and triathletes. She searched for the connections between the body and mind- always trying to find methods that made these points stronger; to super-charge performance, prolong youthfulness and shorten recovery times for herself and her clients.

Remote Viewing

She experienced many new solutions while studying a number of esoteric sciences; learning how they directly affect the physical body. She began developing her extrasensory perceptions and telekinetic abilities with a government psychic (stationed at the the Ft. Meade Army “Remote Viewing Unit” for 14 years) Mr. Lyn Buchanan, who taught Zorena the beginning phases of “Remote Viewing” in January  1997.

Zorena also successfully bent 9 spoons and forks in spiral loops in her first experiments with telekinesis with Dr. Jack Houck , a research scientist who worked at Stanford Research Institute in parapsychological studies. He recorded her success, and collected this data for his ongoing research. She also attended the Monroe Institute for training in “out of body” experiences during an intensive week-long retreat. (Located in Charlottesville, VA.)

The Monroe Institute is a facility where many active duty government military personnel were sent to expand and refine their awareness levels of subtle energies internally and externally. It was where many “Remote Viewers” have been (and still are) trained and researched.

Subtle Energy Studies

She continued to study subtle energies as applied to enhancing the natural healing process for all aspects of the body; in a Energy Healing School called “Pranic Healing”- founded by a successful businessman, scientist and Master  Healer/Teacher named “Choa Kok Sui”  (translated as: “Gift to the World”). His methodology for teaching simple and powerful energetic techniques to relieve suffering really worked! These lessons opened a whole new level of empowerment for her.

“Prana” is the Sanskrit name for “chi” or “life energy”. It comes from the Sun, the Earth, food and is within everything. You might say “prana” is what animates and gives “consciousness” to everything we see (and do not see) around us.

The Prana from the Sun, Earth and our food has a definite physical and emotional effect for the body. There is also Divine Prana that is very refined in color and effect for spiritual applications. Zorena has been trained to access a broad spectrum of “Prana” for each specific issue addressed. The “prana” is directed through her hands to the areas needed. “Everyone has the innate ability to heal” says her teacher, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. “Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only to that which is known to us in nature.” (St. Augustine).

While discovering her abilities in these areas, she continued to operate her retail store while experimenting with these techniques to  enhance strength and athletic performance.

Pranic Healing

Zorena continued to take every Pranic Healing course that was available… refining, reviewing and practicing to be  more effective in the results she could deliver. She chose to close her store and open a private practice where she could do more do more hands-on work and research.

She became extremely committed to bridging the gap she observed between the usual physical explanations while incorporating the “unseen” explanations for certain problems she saw in her clients- health and finances. She applied this ancient art and science to a number of challenges- and the outcomes have been absolutely astonishing, which kept inspiring her to learn and practice even more. To date, she has facilitated over 1,300 sessions, and welcomes the intensive and sometimes exhausting process of being a more effective “pipeline” for Healing Energies that she has been blessed to access.

The World-Teacher of this modern form of energy healing GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, chooses not to over-emphasize Himself as a Master Healer, but redirects the accolades to His own Teachers- and focuses on empowering His students to accomplish and experience what they previously thought impossible. His books and CD’s are published in over 40 countries and languages.

His selfless work and legacy is nothing short of amazing, and the amount of people and lives this work has positively affected could be counted into the  millions. His U.S. Representative, Master Stephen Co, has supervised Zorena’s advanced training and also supports her higher Certifications and ongoing work. He has assisted developing her healing abilities and “higher clairvoyance” to the point that it continues to enhance her energetic observations, so that she can apply them for more accuracy and effective results.

Zorena has been trained and Certified to teach Pranic Healing and Meditation techniques. She happily shares this with others in a fun-loving and warm manner. Even people who thought that they could not experience inner peace and stillness have felt it very quickly, and she loves watching their success in these areas. She also loves showing a beginner, in the first day of a two-day class, how much an effect they can have very rapidly. She says that it is the one of the most professionally and personally fulfilling things she has ever done. She is one of only a few dozen Instructors in the United States that have reached the proficiency to be Certified to teach this method.

Eastern and Western Synthesis

The combination of years of study and  experience in Esthetics, Massage, Clinical-Aromatherapy, Pranic Healing as well as Sports Nutrition- creates an effective and unique synergy between the physical and non-physical aspects of wellness for her private practice.

Zorena’s clientele is extremely devoted to this partnership in regeneration. They experience her loving commitment and how much she cares! They feel how deeply she surrenders herself to their  journey. She empowers her clients on whatever their “Path” is, unconditionally loving and supporting their choices while compassionately offering an opinion and then kindly stepping back and letting them choose what they know is right for them. The methods complement Eastern and Western Medicine, as  well as being Universal and Non-Denominational.

One of the World’s Best in Her Field

Zorena actively participates in serving the local business communities; also volunteering for the program “Feed Your Soul”; a national feeding program and at community clinics that serve those who are unable to pay full-price for Pranic Healing sessions. She also offers a Prayer List for people and pets on this website that she welcomes you to utilize free of charge.

Most of her clients enjoy regularly scheduled sessions once or more per week. Her clients sometimes travel over 1- 2 hours to see her. The high level of satisfaction they report is consistent and they love visiting regularly! Zorena is one of the World’s Best in Her Field! Many Healers, MDs, Vets and other Professionals happily collaborate with Zorena to help their patients!


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